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If you’re thinking about how to choose the right convener alternative…

With our comprehensive suite of offerings, we provide the same – and sometimes more services than Conveners.

  • A convener has one application – it is theirs, not yours. Program designs must conform to their application.
  • We can create your applications efficiently, providing you flexibility when constructing your program.

Once enrolled, we provide our proprietary tools and technologies and can also integrate and align with other clinical technologies/systems you currently utilize to empower existing workflows. You will see your data (claims, care navigation, etc.) in great detail and glean insights to enable variation reduction, cost reduction, and quality improvement.

Options for Physician or Group Status in BPCIA Program

No participation in BPCIA (Direct or Aligned) Participating Provider Aligned to BPCIA Participant Hospital Convened Episode Initiator (EI) PGP Participant with Bundle Ready Assistance PGP Participant DIY (In-House Administration)
Own Application and Program Design N/A No, Program is designed by Hospital or its Convener No, Program is designed by Convener Yes, BundleReady methods are generally described; implementation is flexible Yes, a significant undertaking
Decision to Move Forward N/A Shared Hospital decides to enter into EI agreement Convener can remove EI at any time Yours Yours
Eligible for 50% Professional Fee Bonus No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Financial Participation Beyond Professional Fee Bonus None None Yes, up to 20% EI Gain Cap*, pass through from Convener allocated like risk Yes, up to 20% EI Gain Cap* Yes, up to 20% EI Gain Cap*
Convener Fees None None Yes, in BPCI these are seen as high as 50% of Savings None None
Administrative Fees (non-BPCIA Entity) None None Could be separately charged for Services up to 1-2% of episode cost Yes:

  • Tiered Fixed fees
  • Possible Fee Waiver – Loss Scenario
  • Possible Fixed Bonus – Gain Scenario
Depending on level of additional Services to develop and implement
Risk None None Yes, up to 20% EI Loss Cap*, pass thorugh from Convener allocated like Gains Yes, up to 20% EI Loss Cap* (BundleReady not a Risk Partner) Yes, up to 20% EI Loss Cap*
Services Available for Care and Process Improvement N/A Potential new initiatives from hospital (resource and expertise-dependent) Varies widely depending on the convener
  • In-depth Data Analytics
  • Care Navigation
  • Audit
  • Reporting
Potential new in-house initiatives (resource and expertise-department)

*The 20% EI Gain/Loss Cap refers to 20% of total episode costs and is the maximum a Physician or Group can gain or lose in BPCIA.

“The most expensive thing you’ll ever buy is insurance you never use.”



Potential participants who are capable of managing their own risk should not pay for a convener risk partner. It is likely that potential participants who require a Convener Risk Partner should not enter the BPCI-A program. While conveners are risk partners, they are not insurers and they are not looking for real risk.
When we run analytics, we look at your manageable variation. We use this to determine expectations for you in Program participation and give you transparent advice and suggestions to help you decide your own pathway.


Working with BundleReady, Participants will be provided with the following areas of service:

We provide you all of the administrative assistance you need to contract directly with CMS as a Non-Convener Participant.

  • CMS NCP Agreement
  • Implementation Protocol Filing
  • Financial Arrangement List
  • Monthly CMS Claims Data Processing
  • Advanced Performance Analytics Dashboard
  • 90 Day Episode of Care Provider Dashboard
  • 24 Hour Real-Time Patient Red Flag Alerts
  • Advanced HCC and Risk Stratification


  • Program Strategy
  • State of the Art Analytics Suite of Tools
  • Real-time Episode Patient Tracker & Alert
  • Internal Cost Savings & Administration
  • Foundation for Narrow Network Creation

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