About Value Stream Partners, LLC

Value Stream Partners has a unique focus on the extended health care value stream and the opportunities available from new collaborative partners, structures, and methods. Our team of physicians, lawyers, administrators, engineers and others applies a unique perspective and multi-faceted approach to collectively solve problems, address outstanding issues and cover all bases to assist existing and emerging health care organizations achieve new value through alignment and collaboration.

Our non-traditional approaches to traditional healthcare problems emphasize appropriate assistance and support for local systems undergoing transformation. We bring unique thoughts and methods, and our backgrounds make us expert in collaborative design, development, and implementation. With an aligned focus on quality outcomes and internal cost controls, stronger foundations for success are possible.

Working with VSP will give BPCI Advanced Participants the ability to control their own future!

Value Stream Partners, LLC has significant experience operating as a BPCI Entity and administrator where we designed, implemented and launched multiple innovative tools, technologies, services, and programs to support our clients.  We enabled our clients to achieve significant success in the BPCI program and are excited to continue the history of success with BPCI Advanced. Some of the services we provide include:


  • Cost-Effective Bundle Administration
  • Innovative Claims and Data Analytics Suite
  • Sophisticated Care Navigation
  • Patient Risk Profiling
  • Gain Share Strategies
  • Dynamic Protocol Development
  • Post Acute Care Network Identification and Design
  • Gap-Fill Clinical Services


Our BPCI-A approach is to make you the Applicant/Awardee and assist you in a cost effective – but still shared risk –  manner, without charging so much that the reason to participate becomes unclear.